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The Love Stories From Lockdown Days

The COVID-19 Pandemic has thrown our world in utter chaos, making the society focus on the most vital thing in existence. It’s not money, or fame or even power – but love itself.

Life of A Young Girl: Essays of Life

Life of a young girl is not easy. She has to go through a topsy turvy ride while she is growing up. Anushka Mehta explores her journey while living in a small town and then her college life in a metropolitan. She writes seven essays depicting her struggle with her life, boyfriends and sex.

My Dear Diary

Five chapters on Lust and Love. Life is boring without sex and love. My Dear Diary is the depiction of a young girl who goes through a roller-coaster. She makes friends, boyfriends and even girl friends. She experiments and never shies away from telling the truth her beloved diary. My Dear Diary is an extraction of her encounter with love, lust and Locha.
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