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Top 6 Must Read by Durjoy Dutta – Fall in Love with Books

He has a large fan base that is mostly made up of the country’s youth. Durjoy Datta ‘s popularity emerges from the bonds he forms with young people ranging from high school students to college students. Datta’s stories have a sense of reality to them. Everything seems too real to be a story, from the […]

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Indian Horror Books

Six Indian Horror Books to Read This Halloween

One of the very few guilty pleasures that we all have is reading horror novels or watching horror movies. As a literary genre, horror is designed to shock, scare, or disgust the reader while also creating an eerie, unsettling environment. It frequently focuses on the supernatural to elicit anxiety in readers. Stephen King, a well-known […]

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Women authors

Women authors who shaped literature

Some of history’s most significant women have been authors, poets, and essayists, breaking down societal barriers, challenging the status quo, and defying the rules through the art of writing. So, who is in charge of the literary world? GIRLS. It’s time to recognize the authors who changed the literature world because women writers have been […]

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Books For Mental Health

Best Books For Mental Health

Books are our best friends. It can give us comfort in the form of words. They can serve as a gateway to other worlds, a bridge to a different past or future, a base for philosophies, and a support system in times of need. Reading, in a literal sense, can transform your brain and establish […]

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Science fiction

Why is Science fiction popular in today’s world?

It’s easy to wonder, in a world that’s becoming more fanciful and science fiction by the day, what’s the point of science fiction or fantasy? After all, we now have technology in our pockets and homes that well exceed the projections of earlier sci-fi, many of us actually own magic mirrors and weather oracles. However, […]

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Famous Trilogies

Two kinds of novels get people talking: a stinker that you can’t even get midway through (in which case, advise everyone who will listen to avoid it), and a book series that’s so fantastic that you’re heartbroken when it ends. Here are the 7 best book trilogies that have stolen millions of hearts worldwide. Move […]

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Accidental Authors

Writing can be an innate skill or an acquired talent. It could also be a passion for someone, and to be successful at it, you must be able to play with words and create your own world out of them. When you understand the meaning of life and want to pen it down, you become […]

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Famous Literary Characters

Five Most Famous Literary Characters

It is not an exaggeration to say that every avid reader has a favorite literary character. Be it a heinous criminal, an empathetic support role, or the most popular protagonist. No matter how many books you read or characters you come across, that first love can never be replaced. Do you also hold a dearly […]

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Indian Love Stories

Five Indian Love Stories One Should Read

Coloured scented candles, red roses, cliched love confessions, and a romantic dinner at a luxury restaurant are what might occur to your mind, when you think about love. Love can be expressed in a million ways, for it has no language. Yet, we all feel love in the same way.  People fought wars and some […]

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Best Historical Romance Novel

It’s clearly visible why romance is a popular genre among book lovers. A beautiful romance novel contains drama, intrigue, jokes, and, if you’re lucky, a little sizzle; and the finest romance novels may feel like finding love – personal and intimate, yet vast and life-changing all at the same time. From historical royal romanticism to […]

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