Best crime reads of 2021 so far

From Stephen King to Agatha Christie, criminal fictions are one of the popular literary genres. Be it a short psychological thriller or a series of criminal novels, a good crime fiction never fails to intrigue you. Especially during the pandemic induced lockdowns, the genre gained larger prominence as more and more people indulged in thrillers as the compelling narratives hooked them to the books all the time.

As July and August are important months for crime fictions, let us take a close look at these 7 wonderful thrillers, if you are seriously searching for some new crime reads:

  1. Magma:

The latest release by Thora Hjorlefsdottis, is a nail-biting psychological thriller that surpasses all the boundaries of violence and savagery. Lilja, the cute 20-year-old protagonist is deeply in love with an intellectual, insensitive, serial cheater. While Lilja is obsessed with the narcissist’s love, the gaslighter is unapologetically violent and desperate for sex. Nothing encourages Lilja to escape from the brutality. Her eternal and forgiving love embraces the vehemence of the cheater and that makes her accept and rationalize the toxic behavior.

In the ensuing events, the narrative keeps you engrossed as you long to find whether Lilja gives in to the desperation of becoming a perfect lover or reclaims her life from the harmful claws of the libido maniac. Will Lilja manage to unshackle herself from chains of toxic love? Explore the story to see what happens to Lilja.

  1. Red wolves:

Red Wolves is a stunning and compelling novel from the best-selling author, Adam Hamdy. Red Wolves is an amazing combination of espionage, criminal fiction, and psychological thriller. As a notorious killer unleashes a toxic drug war in America, Scott Pearce, the protagonist in Scott Pearce series, races desperately against time and breaches all rules to save the world from the toxic drug war.

Scott Pearce is a series of novels by Adam Hamdy. Although Red Wolves is just the second novel in the series, the protagonist has gotten wide recognition for how the character has been fashioned extremely intelligent, wise, and valorous.

If you are into crime fictions and interested in espionage narratives, this is by far the best theme to read in 2021. By the way, does Scott Pearce emerge victorious? Well, I have to read the book too.

  1. Taped:

If you cannot tolerate days and series of suspense, ‘Taped’ is the best in 2021. The fourth thriller by “Anushka Mehta” is short and sweet read yet it doesn’t disappoint you in keeping you engaged and makes you stick to the book.

Author “Anushka” has brilliantly sprinkled all elements of a crime thriller in ‘Taped,’ which is otherwise not possible to pack in a 60 page long short read. You can experience all factors including love, deception, violence, and vengeance cleverly spread across the short read.

‘Taped’ is like a 90 minute short horror and thriller movie that guarantees thrill and suspense in each page. The characters are so intense and built layer by layer that you find them both interesting and confusing at the same time. Do not delay your buy, if you are into short crime reads as this is the best short thriller to date in 2021.

  1. Rabbits:

Crime fiction, despite being a genre in itself, has room for thousands of sub-themes. Rabbit helps you realize how crime fictions can be multi faceted yet give you the same pleasure of a nail-biting suspense. The Terry Miles authored thriller revolves around a dangerous underground game, whose rewards are handsome but the perils are deeper and horrifying. Still, enthusiasts dare going underground and begin the secret game putting their own lives at stake. As the body count rises, the craze for game continues unabated increasing the prospect of death rate. Will the death game ever stops? Or, does it consume the whole population? Read the book to know more.  

  1. Fragile:

Fragile authored by Sarah Hilary is the story of an innocent girl child, who is desperate to find a place that she belongs to in this vast universe. As she finds a job at Starling Villas, Nell Ballard, grabs the opportunity with a joy-filled heart.

But, the place she is longing for may not be as safe as she hopes it to be. Nell Ballard discovers dark secrets hidden by her employer and endures the rigid rules set by him. Does she give in to the horror or fights against all odds to discover the dark secrets and make her dream place a safe one to survive and thrive? The book has all your answers.

  1. The Imposter:

Anna Wharton’s, The Imposter is a story of a girl living in loneliness and lies. Chloe, Newspaper archivist, is a simple girl living a calm life until one day when she comes across a story of a missing girl child. Angie Kyle goes missing under suspicious circumstances. As Chloe stays as a lodger with Angie’s parents, she learns about the case and understands that the missing is not as simple as it looks and grows interest over the case eventually. Will Chloe be able to uncover the truth of the missing case? Start reading to find out what happened to Angie and how a lonely girl embarks upon a dangerous journey to save another girl.

  1. The hiding place:

The Hiding Place is one of the fresh releases in August and is already ruling the hearts of thriller fans. The Hiding place’s introduction somewhat resembles the HarryPotter. However, the story is nowhere connected to it. The Jenny Quintana authored thriller revolves around the story of an adopted baby girl and her mysterious birth.

Marina is found wrapped in a blue-shawl, whose parents and roots are unknown and mysterious. As she grows into a beautiful young girl, Marina obsesses over her birth roots. All she wants and needs is truth and answers about her birth roots. But, the house where she was found as a baby is put up for rent. Marina loses her one last chance.

But, what if the house isn’t the only proof to her secrets? What if there is someone else who knows the truth? Will the truth ever be exposed? The Hiding Place is now available in the market to buy, read, and know the truth.

The above list contains every theme from gripping novels to edge-of-the seat crime fictions of 2021. Each book is a latest release and by far the best. The list has been specifically curated to suit each of your interest and taste. If you are a fan of crime thrillers, sit back and enjoy these amazing new reads.


By Navya D

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