Confessions of a Stationary Hoarder

By Nital Jain

Do you get excited while crossing stationery shops like crossword? Do you find yourself buying stationery in excess? And yes! Have you ever been scolded or even worse dragged by your parents out of the stationery shops because you just can never get enough?
I’m sorry my friends, but you have a crazy obsession like me for stationery and let me tell you if you don’t already know, that this obsession will never stop growing.

If you can relate to some of the scenarios or worse case all of them, then you have a bit of a problem and you can call yourself a crazy stationery hoarder.

1.You are friends with the local neighbourhood stationery store. You get regular discounts and you occasionally ask them also to get you particular things.

2.You have more than 3 sets of sketch pens or coloured pens because you can’t have enough and you believe in trying and doing justice to all your favourite brands. And like a mad person you might have at some point in your life bought an entire pack of sketch pens or just one particular colour or maybe just black.


  1. You just have that one box where you have all the pens from mixed brands and missing sets and surprisingly half of them won’t work either but you are too lazy to sort the stash.4. You are insecure about your stationery collection and have been rude to other people for touching your steadlers and prismacolors.5. You go crazy for collecting papers and you source your sheets with all your heart that you find it difficult to even throw the scrap because they are too beautiful. You always have all sorts of paper, black, white, coffee-stained, brown paper, wrapping sheets, beautiful scrapbook sheets, digital prints, etc. You smell all sorts of paper and keep buying and smelling sheets like a maniac.6. You have tons of notebooks that even if you give them out to classrooms you’ll still have a few left. You keep buying beautiful notebooks, handmade notebooks, spiral binding ones, hardcovers, etc. You have been collecting notebooks for as long as you can remember. Most of these notebooks are new and unused because you find them too pretty and can’t risk writing in them and spoiling them. Yes! We are crazy and you’re not alone.

    7. You have an open tab at stationery shops near your college/schools and also near your neighbourhood. You can never go write exams without new stationery, including a new ruler and erasers.

    8. You have an insane colour scheme of highlighters from fluorescent green to the brightest yellow and of course hot pink highlighters. You mark things all day and every day with highlighters and find it satisfying.

    9. You have often asked for more expensive stationery on your birthday because gadgets, clothes and makeup don’t satisfy you as much as stationery.

    10. You have tons of post-it notes and love writing small reminders on them all day and love sticking those around your room, desk, fridge, bathroom and everywhere mostly. You have also used those post-it’s in your journals and sometimes while making birthday cards as well. You write on your post-its to remind yourself to buy more post-its.

    You know what? After reading this just check your search engine tabs? Do you also have lots of stationery links open? Is your Amazon basket and wishlist full of new stationery?

 My friend we are all in this boat and let’s not consider it as an addiction but just a hobby which we overdo sometimes. Sniffing books and stationery isn’t considered addiction right? Or does it?

By Bbooked4Books Network