5 Best K-Dramas that Navigate Romance and Dating as an Adult

Unless you are living under a rock, you must already be aware of the growing fame of Korean dramas. Korean pop-culture has been all over the internet in the form of music, tv shows, movies ,books and even food. The popularity of Korean dramas began during lockdown because they had a significant contrast to the western dominated transnational pop culture. These shows became really popular because of their exceptional storytelling , high production quality, sweet romances and the slow-burn element that kept the audience hooked till the very end. To do justice to these swoon worthy south-asian romances, we have compiled a list of 5 Korean dramas to sweep you off your feet. .


When we talk about k-dramas , it’s only fair to talk about this massive hit first. This drama has been around for streaming for 7 years now and people still love to watch it for the first and second times. It has all the elements of a quintessential k-drama. It is slow-burn, beautiful landscapes, beautiful actors,amazing songs and a very dramatic storyline. This drama tells of the love story that develops between a surgeon and a special forces officer.Initially in the drama they see their paths crossed but soon everything drifts apart because of professional duties. They will find themselves in the middle of great events and deadly dangers, both in their Motherland and in the fictitious, war-torn country of Urk.This drama will leave you wanting more of k-dramas. Believe it or not it is one of the most common first watched k-dramas by non-korean people , perhaps the popularity can be justified.




Yoon Se-RI is an heiress to a conglomerate in South Korea. One day, while paragliding, an accident caused by strong winds leads Yoon Se-Ri to make an emergency landing in North Korea. There, she meets Ri Jeong-Hyeok, who is a North Korean army officer. Coming from two very different nations , they both try to understand each other. In a country where it is illegal to do some of the most normal things, we see both of them adapt for each other.He tries to protect her and hide her. Soon, Ri Jeong-Hyeok falls in love with Yoon Se-Ri.To continue this love is not only difficult but also dangerous. It’s a story which will teach you the meaning of true love and how everything happens for the best of reasons. All in all , you might want to see this show as soon as possible because it will definitely make your days full of love and light.



Set in two parallel worlds, the series follows Emperor Lee Gon of the Kingdom of Corea, who discovers access to an alternate reality after crossing a mythical door opened by his half-uncle, Lee Lim, where the Republic of Korea exists in the Kingdom’s stead and sets out to put an end to Lee Lim’s atrocities and retrieve the other half of Manpasikjeok used as a portal between two worlds.A contemporary Emperor of the Kingdom of Corea named Lee Gon tries to pass over the barrier into a parallel universe where the Republic of Korea takes the place of the Kingdom. He encounters investigator Jeong Tae-eul, who he knows from an identity card he was given during the pivotal moment in his early years—his father’s murder. After killing the previous king, Lee Ho (Lee Gon’s father), Lee Lim (Lee Jung-jin), half-uncle of Lee Gon, is currently hiding and building forces while traveling back and forth between the two parallel realms.The emperor and the detective fall in love but the only problem is that they both live in parallel realms of universe. This show had one of the greatest concepts ever. It showed the diversity in which k-dramas present themselves. It has all the elements of a korean drama like swoon worthy romance and cliche rom-com vibe but it also has a scientific element which makes it all the more interesting.



Moon Gang-tae lives with his older brother Moon Sang-tae who is autistic. They frequently move from town to town ever since Sang-tae witnessed their mother’s murder. Gang-Tae works as a caregiver in a psychiatric ward at every place they settle in. While working in a hospital, he meets a famous children’s book writer, Ko Moon-young, who is rumored to have antisocial personality disorder.Circumstances lead Gang-tae to work at the OK Psychiatric Hospital in the fictional Seongjin City, the same city where they all lived when they were young. Meanwhile, Moon-young forms a romantic obsession for Gang-tae after finding out that their pasts overlap. She follows him to Seongjin, where the trio (including Sang-tae) slowly begins to heal each other’s emotional wounds. They unravel many secrets, seek comfort from each other and move forward in their lives. This drama exceeded all my expectations when it came to the sensitivity of the topic of mental health issues. It has tackled everything really beautifully and you almost feel empathetic for every person in the show. If you are someone who is looking for a somber yet impactful and electrifying romance then don’t miss this one out.



Yoon Hye-jin, an accomplished dentist from Seoul, goes to the idyllic seaside village of Gongjin on her late mother’s birthday after her life goes awry. She spontaneously decides to open up a dental clinic, and gets to know jack-of-all-trades Hong Du-sik, also known as Chief Hong. The romantic drama depicts the growing romance between the two, as well as the lives of other Gongjin’s residents.It is the perfect small town boy , big town girl romance. This show starts a little slow but you will be hooked in no time. Special mention to Yoon’s stylist because every outfit she has worn became my favorite after watching the show. This show will grasp your attention with its unique storyline and Chief Hong’s innocence and childlike demeanor in the first few episodes only to find that his character has so much more depth and intricacies.

By Dr. Vatsala Kaushik