Beta Reader

Are you struggling to evaluate your piece of literature and foraging for a good beta reader?

Look no further, Booked4Books will be your hardest critique on your journey to becoming an accomplished writer. We have a team of finest beta readers who have years of experience to provide you with an objective report of your writing with fantastic feedback on revisions required. Contact us to review short stories, blog posts, novellas, and even long-form articles. Services offered: • Readability of the whole write-up • Weak areas that need assistance. • Feedback on continuity and flow of writing. • Reader’s perspective to optimize it to the interests of readers.

Genres we beta read:

Booked4Books has an excellent team of incessant readers who are specialized and qualified in diverse genres including: • Fictional • Romance • Historical • Sci-fi • Thriller • Fantasy • Mystery or thriller. You can borrow an extra pair eyes from our voracious readers to improvise on your writings and make your books tick.

Beta Reader Plan

I or a member of my team will read your novel and write a 3-5 page feedback report.
Pricing Table


Best plan for you
Delivery Days: 3 Days
Words Included: 20,000
Reader Report: Yes
Buy NowSupport Time 24 hrs


Best plan for you
Delivery Days: 7 Days
Words Included: 40,000
Reader Report: Yes
Buy NowSupport Time 24 hrs


Best plan for you
Delivery Days: 11 Days
Words Included: 70,000
Reader Report: Yes
Buy NowSupport Time 24 hrs


Best plan for you
Delivery Days: 16 Days
Words Included: 1,00,000
Reader report: Yes
Buy NowSupport Time 24 hrs