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Writing Prompts

What are Writing Prompts?

When it comes to writers and their way of writing their stories, their routines only get weirder and weirder. For Murakami, when he’s working on his novel, he gets up at 4 AM to write his story for 5-6 hours straight. Then he runs 10 km or swims for 1500 meters, relaxes a bit, and […]

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Science fiction

Why is Science fiction popular in today’s world?

It’s easy to wonder, in a world that’s becoming more fanciful and science fiction by the day, what’s the point of science fiction or fantasy? After all, we now have technology in our pockets and homes that well exceed the projections of earlier sci-fi, many of us actually own magic mirrors and weather oracles. However, […]

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Queer awareness book

Queer awareness book list

Books have always been a great way to escape into another world and forget about our own, at least for a while. But there are some books that have the power to do a lot more than just entertain us, like queer awareness books. If you’re a reader, you must have probably encountered some controversy […]

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Deaths and Fallen Crests – 7 Books to trigger a sob fest!

All readers wish to see in novels is triumphant love, successful careers and a happy ending. It’s not an outlandish wish per se, because the reality more than makes up for the angst and sadness and every other negative emotion you can think of right now. Heaps of books showcase happy endings – if not […]

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art of self-expression

How to master the art of self-expression?

We all have a story to tell, no matter if we are writers, artists, or simply people who want to express ourselves. But how do we get started? How do we know what our story is? And how can we make sure that it is the best version of our story possible? We all want […]

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Famous Trilogies

Two kinds of novels get people talking: a stinker that you can’t even get midway through (in which case, advise everyone who will listen to avoid it), and a book series that’s so fantastic that you’re heartbroken when it ends. Here are the 7 best book trilogies that have stolen millions of hearts worldwide. Move […]

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