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Literary ‘Ghost’ing – All you need to know about ghostwriting

Did you know that many believe Shakespeare actually had other people writing his dramas? Or that more than 50% of non-fiction published in recent years has been ghostwritten? Yes, that’s right, ghostwriting is very prevalent in the literary community. Even if the general views about it are unfavourable (for no good reason). Because of the […]

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Top 6 Must Read by Durjoy Dutta – Fall in Love with Books

He has a large fan base that is mostly made up of the country’s youth. Durjoy Datta ‘s popularity emerges from the bonds he forms with young people ranging from high school students to college students. Datta’s stories have a sense of reality to them. Everything seems too real to be a story, from the […]

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romance fiction is lovely, these tropes add an inviting allure and graceful flair that makes you want to keep reading more and more.

50 Shades of Love – Popular Tropes in Romantic Fiction

A romance story always involves the same thing – two characters falling in love (and making readers fall for the pair as well). But the way these stories are written differs greatly. One pair may go from hating each other to falling in love, while the other may be childhood friends still pining for each […]

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Indian Horror Books

Six Indian Horror Books to Read This Halloween

One of the very few guilty pleasures that we all have is reading horror novels or watching horror movies. As a literary genre, horror is designed to shock, scare, or disgust the reader while also creating an eerie, unsettling environment. It frequently focuses on the supernatural to elicit anxiety in readers. Stephen King, a well-known […]

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7 Popular Bookstagrammers you should follow in 2022!

Let’s say you have an unrivalled passion for books and reading – and can read everything under the sun. You can either keep reading like that… or turn your passion into a little sidebusiness, which is what the bookstagrammers do! We all know who bookstagrammers are – booklovers who share valuable book content for readers […]

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Abhimanyu: The Golden Prince

ABHIMANYU, the beloved son of Arjuna is one of the most endearing figures of Indian mythology. The Golden Prince, blazed across the realm of myth like an effervescent comet that lit up the heavens, yet was extinguished far too soon. Anuja Chandramouli, bestselling author of Arjuna, takes apart a familiar narrative and puts it back […]

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Women authors

Women authors who shaped literature

Some of history’s most significant women have been authors, poets, and essayists, breaking down societal barriers, challenging the status quo, and defying the rules through the art of writing. So, who is in charge of the literary world? GIRLS. It’s time to recognize the authors who changed the literature world because women writers have been […]

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How to make a character really creepy?

A creepy character may not have the importance the protagonist, love interest or villain has – but there are more than essential in most stories.These can appear in any form – a stalker, someone simply off-putting, a villain, or even the staple entities from the horror stories. They give the story an edge –luring the […]

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Books For Mental Health

Best Books For Mental Health

Books are our best friends. It can give us comfort in the form of words. They can serve as a gateway to other worlds, a bridge to a different past or future, a base for philosophies, and a support system in times of need. Reading, in a literal sense, can transform your brain and establish […]

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