5 Top Books to Read on Prime Minister Narendra Modi

What often academic institutions and daily life fail to teach us, we learn from the books we once picked up from a shelf in a random bookstore. Now, what’s better than picking up books about famous personalities and in discussion today we have Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

For many may come and many may go but it seems that Modiji is here to stay. Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of the largest democracy of the world namely India in 2014 and currently finds himself in the second term as Prime Minister. Under his leadership and guidance, India has unveiled tremendous growth in almost every aspect. Per predictions, it has surfaced that we might be looking on to Modi sitting through the third term as Prime Minister of India.

With the General Elections around the corner, it is essential to glance at the Prime Minister’s values, visions and his mantra for success that have found their way to various books that were authored to acquaint the citizens of India with the man behind India’s success.

Grab your coffee and get ready to be inspired!


Narendra Modi: A Political Biography

Author: Andy Marino

A British writer by profession, Andy Marino is said to be the only foreigner who has unrestrained access to the Prime Minister. The book came into existence after Marino conducted several exclusive interviews with Modi.

Marino’s biography on Modi is a crucial read for anyone looking to know the real Modi as the author has provided unbiased insights into Modi’s backgrounds, his philosophy and his stance as a national leader. There exists a gigantic amount of misinformation and noise regarding the leader that Narendra Modi is but the facts provided by Marino are substantial to cut through these claims.

The book follows a chronological build up of events which further simplifies it for the readers to understand the various situations that occurred in Modi’s spiritual and political life.


Unveiling Middle Class Power: The Modi Way

Author: Amit Mittal and Umang Gupta

For a country like India where the population of the bourgeoisie is in high numbers, it is of absolute critical significance that the leaders work their way around their existence to provide optimum development in terms of infrastructure, policies and welfare schemes. This is exactly where this book is a must-read as it looks beyond the statistics and explores the very real effects that the policies introduced have had on individuals, families and communities.

Apart from being a bracket in economic stratum, the middle class is characteristic of ambition, resilience and adaptability that can change the course of a nation’s progress. Hence, to make a favourable environment to tap into their potential is the brilliance of our leader. This book involves all the dynamic and interconnected policies of PM Modi ranging from economic initiatives to social well being to financial inclusion to advancements in healthcare, that were both especially and strategically made to empower this section of the society. So, if you want to delve into how PM Modi transformed the entire middle class of India, you know where to look!


21 Leadership Lessons of Narendra Damodardas Modi

Author: Vijay Jindal, Nitin Agarwal, Pankaj Sharma

It so happens that we often seek leadership styles and techniques to imbibe in ourselves and we fall onto books that employ real life examples. Now, what is better than learning about leadership from the Prime Minister that has escalated popularity for his leadership both among the masses and among the renowned personalities of the world presently.

A population that is as diverse as India is bound to have its unique set of challenges and to tackle that there is no one specific leadership lesson that will work. Hence, in this book, the entire journey of the Prime Minister and how he became an exceptional leader in the political diaspora of India is being traced. Further, in addition to a discussion of 21 leadership lessons from Modi that the readers can learn from, the book dives into an analysis of the kind of leader Modi is and compares him to the other eminent personalities from history that are known for their excellent contributions.


Commonman Narendra Modi

Author: Kishor Makwana

Kishor Makwana is a journalist, activist, editor, writer etc. and is the brain behind Commonman Narendra Modi. Makwana has crafted the perfect book that encapsulates the journey of Narendra Modi and how he stands as a pillar of inspiration to people across.

From being a humble farmer to an industrialist to being sworn-in as the Prime Minister of India, the journey is truly a torch-bearer to what all a common man can achieve. The book spans over his entire life to bring forth how he completely modified Gujarat to his eventual appreciation across the country. Once elected PM, he has managed to be the centre of many breaking news like demonetisation and initiatives like Digital India and Swachchha Bharat. It is under his leadership that we see India taking new heights in terms of international recognition as well.

If you think that the aforementioned interests you and want to read about how a common man went to be the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world, this might just be the book for you!


The Legend of Narendra Modi

Author: Azad Ray

It is considered to be one of the finest works by the author and the book expounds in great length every minute detail of the work of Narendra Modi over the stretch of his tenure along with his philosophy.

All the books that have made it on the list are no less than absolute masterpieces and will only add to the grace of your intellect as well as yourself. So, let us know if you’ve any of the books mentioned above and how you like it. Or have you read any other book on the great Narendra Modi? Do let us know!

By Deepali Verma