Book Review: ‘Hunted by Shadow’ By Michelle Heard

“Shadow” is that darkness which appears in a light. When time changes people leave their close ones, their love, their colleagues but one thing stays forever is their own shadow with the shadow of memories. And here in this book Shadow is getting hunted.

First of all I am happy to see the different narrative style of storytelling. “Renzo” and “Skyler” are the centre of the story. But the main character is “Shadow”. Throughout this metaphor it changes its definition. Author Michelle Heard has kept this story in New York. Her writing style gives the feeling like a parallel world is telling their truth and getting fused together.

With “Ranzo ”, the author has given us a person who is a Mafia boss in New York. Who is a very powerful character. A violent character who can murder a person without blinking his eyes. At the same time he cries for his adopted brother Giulio. Who has been murdered for a kidney from organ smugglers.

Where “Skyler” who met with an accident three years ago with her mother. Has been waiting for death to get a chance to survive with Kidney transplant. But she didn’t know that hope was a death sentence for someone. Author made this turning point to get Giulio’s kidney transplant to Skyler.

At the same time where Ranzo is doing murder someone because He lost someone he loved. SKYLER was ready to go with Ranzo to do whatever he wanted to do from her because she loved her father so much. Both are doing whatever they can only for their loved one. One with anger, one with fear.

Ranzo came into skylers life like a shadow who is with her every time. At initial He has started following her to know everything from her about the involvement in his brother’s death and wanted to murder her. And this has been gradually changing with the time to protect. Share the love, intimacy, dreams, fear and most common is sorrow.

Michhell, Has beautifully described that moment where Violent Ranzo shows his soft corner. And Skyler shows anger for people as Ranzo does. Both became shadows to each other who were protected with love. Ranzos bonding with his friend and colleague has been described beautifully. Where we can find ourselves a space to breathe, cry and express our confusion.

In this crime space where murders are described very easily Mitchell has brought focus on “consent” and “care”. After reading this book I can say its story will be in memory like a shadow.

By Booked4Books Network