Book Review: Playing By Her Rules

The seventh book in the Sehal Saga series is titled “Playing by Her Rules,” and amid the opulent and wealthy Sehgal family, Rohan Bali, a broody millionaire whose personality has been moulded as emotionally unavailable and secretive as a result of a childhood tragedy, is the focus of this story. He had always thought that he wasn’t cut out for love and romance. But Jiya Deewan, a lady he meets, completely changes his life.

Jiya was a romantic who believed in prince charming and fairy tales. She and Rohan are undeniably attracted to one another despite their differences. Rohan, who has never allowed anyone to get close to him, finds it difficult to decide whether to select Jiya. Secrets from Rohan’s past threaten to ruin their growing connection.

Jiya faces a tough decision: should she fight for a man who claims not to be capable of love, or should she move on and find someone else? The story explores the challenges they face and raises the question of whether fairy tales can have imperfect endings.

“Playing by Her Rules” is a captivating romance that explores the complexities of love and the lengths one can go to save a relationship. The characters are well-developed, with Rohan’s broody nature and Jiya’s optimistic outlook providing an interesting dynamic. The plot keeps readers engaged, as they root for the couple despite the obstacles they face.

Overall, “Playing by Her Rules” is a page-turning romance with well-rounded characters and an intriguing story. Fans of contemporary romance will enjoy this tale of love, secrets, and the power of choice.

By Bhumika Rawat

By Booked4Books Network