Book Review: Taped – A hard found love

By Navya D.

Trust, respect, affection, honesty, transparency, and intimacy – both emotional and physical, are the least sought in any relationship, especially in a relationship that drives you bonkers over each other. Isn’t it insane that love knows no bounds, neither time nor distance and it transcends all boundaries just to experience the affection and feel the touch of your loved ones? Maybe not.

Not all of us may find all these elements in our first love but when did love come easily to those who needed it so bad? Well, our ‘Tara’ goes through the same bitter journey to find her true, pure, and genuine companion.

Anushka Mehta, a proud author of four books, explores love in various forms. ‘Taped’ is one such beautiful exploration into the life of a girl trying her chances in love. I have been consistently following Anushka’s works and I like how she adds a tinge of suspense in each of her books that keeps me glued till the end. Well, in ‘Taped’ the suspense begins pretty early and goes on till the end without letting you lose interest anywhere in between.

 You may love the wrong person but the feelings you have for that person are genuine. Maybe, that’s why breakups and betrayals hurt. The other person drifts away unaffected but the one with genuine feelings holds on to the memories, weeps rivers, and finds it hard to move on. The ten chapter tale revolves around a girl doing her bare minimum to survive as she tholes through an anguishing deception.

‘Tara,’ our pretty protagonist, enroute ‘love’ escapes her two toxic relationships. While she had been foraging for love, life decided to send betrayal her way. But, she is strong, determined, and stubborn. She may have paused along her journey but never stopped. After much agony and wait, does ‘Tara’ find her perfect companion? That’s for you to discover.

In a world where our ‘literary queens’ are innocent, mild, gentle, and fragile, ‘Tara’ is tough, strong, and undeterred, who fights till the last drop of her blood touches the ground and beyond. It’s always a delight to read brave women like ‘Tara.’

‘Sex’ is an intense form of love. There is no superior act of displaying love than ‘sex.’ Anushka has reflected on why it’s always a delight and pleasure to touch and feel your loved one in a beautiful way. 

All of Anushka’s works till date have reflected on the emotions of modern-day individuals, how they are fragile yet resilient and ‘Taped’ is no different. ‘Suspense’ is Anushka’s strong fort. And, you will find one suspense element in each of her chapters just enough to keep you engaged till the end.

‘Taped’ is inclusive of all forms of love, unforgiving, embracing, healing, and avenging. It is difficult to not get fully consumed by the strong feelings that our characters have for one another.

Anushka’s ‘Taped’ is one awesome read after her recent ‘Datebook’ guide. If you haven’t laid your eyes on this beauty, you are missing an amazing indulgence. ‘Taped’ has been released on August 4th and is available on Amazon. Go, purchase it now and start binging already!

By Booked4Books Network