Book Review: World’s Best Girlfriend

In Durjoy Datta’s latest novel, “World’s Best Girlfriend,” readers are taken on a rollercoaster journey through the lives of Daksh and Aanchal, two individuals from vastly different backgrounds who, against all odds, find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. This is a story of unlikely connections, heartfelt emotions, and the power of destiny.

Datta, a well-known author celebrated for his quirky book titles and relatable characters, once again delivers a narrative that resonates with young adults and fans of contemporary romance. “World’s Best Girlfriend” is no exception, as it weaves a tale of love and longing with a generous sprinkling of humor and heartfelt moments.

The novel begins with an unexpected encounter at a luxurious resort in the Andamans, where Daksh and Aanchal, hailing from different worlds, meet and are inexplicably drawn to each other. Despite the glaring differences in their backgrounds and aspirations, the sense of connection between the characters is palpable, keeping readers engaged and curious about their future.

Datta’s writing style is both simple and engaging, allowing readers to easily connect with the characters and their predicaments. The author skillfully balances humor and emotions, ensuring that the reader experiences the ups and downs of Daksh and Aanchal’s journey in equal measure. The character development is compelling, making it easy to invest in their lives and decisions.

As the story unfolds, readers are taken on a four-year journey during which Daksh and Aanchal’s paths diverge significantly. While Daksh is burdened with the responsibility of caring for his ailing father and young sister, Aanchal strives to escape the limitations of her lower-middle-class existence. The author deftly portrays their individual struggles, allowing the readers to root for their eventual reunion.

The central question of whether fate or destiny will ultimately decide the course of Daksh and Aanchal’s lives keeps the reader hooked, eager to discover what the future holds for these two captivating characters. As the story progresses, the characters decide to take matters into their own hands, and it’s this self-determination that propels the narrative forward, exploring themes of love, dreams, and the indomitable human spirit.

In “World’s Best Girlfriend,” Durjoy Datta once again delivers a compelling and relatable narrative. For those who enjoy contemporary romance with a touch of humor and emotion, this book is a must-read. It’s a tale of love, hope, and the unpredictable nature of destiny, all told in Datta’s signature style that captivates and resonates with young adult readers.

By Jasmeet Walia