Book Review: ‘You’re Just Not My Type’

Book enthusiasts seeking a heartwarming romantic comedy infused with genuine emotions, engaging banter, and an endearing cast of characters need look no further than “You’re Just Not My Type” by Aarti V Raman. This standalone novel presents a refreshing take on the enemies-to-lovers trope, wrapped in a package of delightful desi cuisine, witty gamer talk, and a touch of interfering family dynamics.

Niva, the spirited protagonist, is convinced that Max is anything but her type, and she’s armed with a list of reasons that only strengthen her conviction. From his nerdy engineer fashion choices to his preference for bland dal rice over her spicy tandoori chicken, their differences seem insurmountable. As fate would have it, circumstances force Niva and Max to work together, leading to unexpected revelations about each other. A fake date at a frenemy’s wedding adds a layer of charm and tension, unraveling their personal secrets and hidden depths.

Aarti V Raman’s storytelling prowess shines through in this narrative, masterfully blending drama, humor, and raw emotions. The story effortlessly transports readers into the lives of Niva and Max, providing ample opportunities to witness their growth and development. The witty exchanges between the characters, especially the game-centric dialogues, add a modern twist to the traditional romantic comedy formula.

One of the book’s standout qualities is its ability to portray genuine emotions, making the characters relatable and endearing. As Niva and Max navigate their complex relationship, the readers are taken on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, rooting for the couple to overcome their differences and find common ground.

“You’re Just Not My Type” is the perfect choice for those who adore the enemies-to-lovers theme and office romance dynamics. Aarti V Raman captures the essence of these elements while infusing her distinct voice and unique touches into the story. The book’s satisfying ending, complete with a guaranteed happy ever after, leaves readers with a sense of contentment and a smile on their faces.

In conclusion, “You’re Just Not My Type” is a delightful and engaging romantic comedy that blends humor, drama, and emotional depth seamlessly. Aarti V Raman’s ability to craft relatable characters and heartwarming relationships makes this book an excellent choice for anyone seeking a feel-good love story with a touch of desi flavor and plenty of charm.

By Booked4Books Network