Writing the underworld: A conversation with a Mafia Romance Writer

The underworld of Mafia fiction created by author Gabrielle Sands is quite remarkable and full of drama and temptations. The Booked4Books uncover the secrets of their captivating stories, from quirky answers to future releases. Sands gave answers to it all our questions.

Booked4Books: If you could spend a day in the shoes of any character from your novels, who would it be and what would you do?

Gabrielle Sands: I’d spend the day as Cleo πŸ™‚ Who can resist a massive shopping spree? I’d go shopping with all the Garzolo sisters, buy them (and me) whatever we wanted, and then have a nice dinner in the evening. We’d invite the guys to the dinner too πŸ™‚


B4B: If you were to organize a dinner party with characters from different mafia novels, who would you invite and what would the conversation be like?

GS: I’m the worst at remembering character names, so I’m not sure exactly who I’d invite, but I think it would be fun to have them interact with a Bratva family. The cultural differences alone would cause a lot of conflict I’m sure πŸ˜›


B4B: If your characters had social media profiles, what kind of content do you think they would post?

GS: Mari would definitely have a food blog. Gemma would post about fitness. Cleo would of course have a fashion focused account. And Vale? I’m not sure, actually. I think she’d probably have a private account and post a lot of photos of her sisters and Dem. And out of the guys, I think only Ras would have a profile, and he’d just be reposting memes!


B4B: If you could invite three fictional characters from other genres to join your mafia family for a day, who would you choose and why?

GS: Sorry, I really don’t have an answer for this one, I have no idea πŸ™ˆ


B4B: If your books were adapted into a stage play, which scene would you be most excited to see come to life on stage?

GS: The interrogation scene from When She Unravels, because it’s so intense and full of tension!

B4B: If your protagonist had to write a guidebook for newcomers to the mafia world, what advice or warnings would they include?

GS: Choose your words carefully
Don’t ask too many questions
Keep your eyes off the Don’s wife


B4B: If your characters were to star in a romantic comedy movie, who would play the lead roles, and what hilarious situations would they find themselves in?

GS: I feel like the best couple for a Rom Com would be Giorgio and Mari because they’d be a perfect grumpy/sunshine couple. I can just see Mari dragging Gio out to a picnic in a public park and him freaking out about the lack of security, while she’s telling him to look at the pretty butterflies.


B4B: If your characters were to explore a haunted house together, who would be the bravest, and who would be the most frightened?

GS: Bravest: Rafaele. He wouldn’t bat an eye at any of it.
Most scared: Mari. A haunted house would freak her out and she’d hide behind Giorgio!


B4B: If you could have a karaoke night with your lead ladies what songs would you pick to belt?

GS: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. They’re all survivors!


B4B: What are you most excited about with your next release?

GS: My next release is the Fallen God duet, and it’s Nero’s story after he’s been forced to fake his death and hide out in a small town. This is my first duet, so it’s a big story

By Neelakshi Singh