8 Newsletters to Subscribe to if You are a Writer

The idiom where there’s a will, there’s a way, is perfectly true in the context of content. That’s because content is dynamic and fluid and can weasel its way to you if you want it! But while content is reaching corners of the world, filtering it out to your needs is becoming more difficult. There is a solution, though, in the form of newsletters!

But wait, what is a newsletter?

The word newsletters is tossed all around the internet (hint: LinkedIn) like it’s something everyone already knows. But many of us don’t know what it is all about. Generally, businesses and organizations use newsletters to share news, updates and other important information to their network. This network consists of their usual customers, potential future clients, and people who have subscribed to the newsletter.

Recently, though, this fantastic tool is being used by almost every other person. Even if they are an established business or a budding solopreneur. Why is that? Because, with newsletters, people don’t have to go through the website or social media to know what’s up with the organization. You can just refer to the newsletter – that drops in your inbox from time to time – to keep yourself updated.

Newsletters are an important part of any business or brand’s e-mail marketing strategy. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also helps direct the targeted audience to the organization’s online presence. However, it will only work if the newsletters look captivating enough to make people read them without deleting them right away. And so you will find that the most successful newsletters are informative and aesthetically pleasing.


8 Newsletters to Read if You are a Writer!

Since many people are shifting towards newsletters, it can become quite tedious to find the one that works for you. But that’s okay because here’s a list of newsletters that have worked quite well for many writers. Give it a read; some of them might catch your eye!

  • The Audacity

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Roxane Gay is a well-known American author, podcast host, critic and opinion writer at The New York Times. It was in January 2021 that she started her newsletter, The Audacity, where you will read essays from her and budding writers. The pieces are fascinating and are delivered to you every week. The first month will be a free subscription, after which you will get paid content. Worth it if you are getting such diverse content, isn’t it?

An even more exciting part of this newsletter is the Audacious Book Club. The author sends out book recommendations every month, which you can discuss on her website. If you are a paid subscriber, you will also get the opportunity to join Zoom live conversations with Gay and the writers. Since the Audacity is a versatile newsletter, it has garnered over 85,000 readers in such a short span… as it should!

  • Craft Talk

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Craft Talk is a one-of-a-kind newsletter curated by Jami Attenberg, New York Times bestselling author. It reaches you once a week, where you will find content on writing, productivity, and creative life. The newsletter covers everything you can think of – from how to motivate yourself to write to generating good writing prompts.

But more importantly, for two weeks every year, it transforms into a virtual accountability group for writers. How so? Because Attenberg hosts the #1000wordsofsummer project, where more than 33,000 writers come together to urge each other to write 1000 words every day. This project also introduces you to different published authors, who, along with Attenberg, send letters to encourage you! By the end of the two weeks, you will have your story on the pages.

This newsletter is perfect for everyone – for a budding writer, an established author or just someone who wants to write casually!

  • In the Writing Burrow

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If you aren’t already reading In the Writing Burrow, then what’s the point? This newsletter is the popular author Margaret Atwood’s own newsletter! It sends out a compilation of many things: Atwood’s personal news, original stories, quirky reports of her tours, and opinions on a variety of topics. She puts little doodles – that seem as lovely as her – with every edition, something that makes it more appealing!

As you can imagine, the newsletter is quite popular with writers as well as readers. In fact, it has, till now, over 26,000 subscribers, and the number increases all the time. Admittedly, there is no set schedule for the newsletter; it is sporadic. In fact, the last subscribers got was in early May. Since it’s unpredictable, receiving it definitely feels like a pleasant surprise!

  • Agents and Books

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Agents and Books is what the name suggests – a newsletter about literary agents and books. It is the brainchild of Kate McKean, Vice President of Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. Her newsletter covers any and every question you can have about the writing and publishing process. It appears in your e-mail inbox twice a week, but there’s a catch. Tuesdays are for the free subscribers, while paid subscribers also receive on Thursdays.

So, even if you are on the free list, you will get the crucial details to make your writing successful. But if you opt for a paid subscription, you will get inside information, McKean’s experiences and opinions and an exciting Q&A! Her newsletter is definitely one of a kind. Why? Because if it wasn’t, over 18,000 people wouldn’t have signed up for it!

  • The Elysian

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How about a newsletter that delivers interesting essays and original story chapters? If that’s something you’d like, then you must subscribe to The Elysian! This unique newsletter, which has more than 11,000 subscribers, is run by Elle Griffin, a freelance journalist based in Utah. Griffin sends out the newsletter twice a week. You can expect essays on different topics on Mondays and chapters on her original utopian fiction story on Fridays.

There are tiers to the newsletter’s subscriptions. For free subscribers, it offers access to most of her essays and novel chapters. If you are a paid subscriber, you will get to join literary discussions and send your own fiction and essays. You also get to receive author commentary and monthly paid posts. But wait, there’s another tier – collector subscriber. This tier provides a printed book of all the Elysian’s works!

  • The Alipore Post

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With more than 10,000 subscribers gobbling up its content, The Alipore Post is a dose of creativity delivered to you every Monday. The curator of this newsletter is Rohini Kejriwal, where she compiles pieces of poetry, art, and music undiscovered by the masses. All the editions feature personal notes, a poetry corner, and links to you across the internet, from YouTube videos to interviews and presentations.

It acts as an online journal where people can submit their work, whatever it may be and, whenever they want. While it’s free to subscribe, there’s also a paid version that offers even more exciting content. You can subscribe to be a part of the creative community, interact with pieces you love, and even contribute yours!

  • The Wordling

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The Wordling is another newsletter that delivers the best information regaling how to handle the business part of creativity. It is Natasha Khullar Relph, an award-winning journalist and entrepreneur, who was searching for a newsletter that would give her reliable news about the creative writing industry. Since she didn’t find a promising one, she created one herself! The result was The Wordling, which started in April 2022.

This newsletter offers many things all in one place. It has the editor’s news and her own experiences, opinions and reports on new publishing trends, global news, quotes, and an eccentric current mood photo. And all these precious nuggets of wisdom are delivered to your e-mail weekly for free. Moreover, its subscribers are more than 4,000 now – and the number increases almost daily!

  • Smart Blogger:

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Smart Blogger stays true to what its name suggests! Launched in 2012, it focuses on offering infinite resources perfect for writers and bloggers. Their website showcases informative blogs, online courses, dos and don’ts of writing, content marketing tips, and WordPress. And now, for the exciting part – it has garnered more than 3 million readers and has over 300 thousand subscribers!

This newsletter offers everything the website has – but in a compact yet attractive way. After subscription, everyone will find something they can benefit from – may it be bloggers, content marketers or copywriters. If you want to learn effective tricks to further your career in the writing industry, don’t hesitate to choose Smart Blogger!


Final words

Newsletters are one of the best ways to invite writing inspiration in your life – through your inbox. However, subscribing to a newsletter is subjective – what may work for others may not work for you, and vice versa. But thankfully, the list above is not exhaustive; there are many other newsletters waiting to be discovered. All you have to do is research relevant newsletters, subscribe, and let that pen fly!

By Pranjali Wakde