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Books For Mental Health

Best Books For Mental Health

Books are our best friends. It can give us comfort in the form of words. They can serve as a gateway to other worlds, a bridge to a different past or future, a base for philosophies, and a support system in times of need. Reading, in a literal sense, can transform your brain and establish […]

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YA Novels

As fresh as a Daisy – Seven New Bestselling YA Novels published in 2022

A new year promises so many things – hope, another chance to transform yourself,new opportunities… and newly published novels! Books are published literally every week, if not every day. But most of the stories only get their well-deserved recognition until after the year has passed. I mean, I only got to know about the Midnight […]

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social media platforms

How to use social media platforms as a writer?

All writers know by now that simply writing a story and hoping for the best doesn’t work anymore. A writer has to make sure whether their work is getting the right audience or not. And believe me, that can be a daunting task! Thankfully, by the power of technology vested in us, a writer can […]

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Writing Prompts

What are Writing Prompts?

When it comes to writers and their way of writing their stories, their routines only get weirder and weirder. For Murakami, when he’s working on his novel, he gets up at 4 AM to write his story for 5-6 hours straight. Then he runs 10 km or swims for 1500 meters, relaxes a bit, and […]

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Deaths and Fallen Crests – 7 Books to trigger a sob fest!

All readers wish to see in novels is triumphant love, successful careers and a happy ending. It’s not an outlandish wish per se, because the reality more than makes up for the angst and sadness and every other negative emotion you can think of right now. Heaps of books showcase happy endings – if not […]

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