9 dream places to read a book

By Navya D.

“Reading takes us away from home but most importantly it finds homes for us everywhere” – From “Why I read” by Wendy Lesser.

A person in possession of a good book forages for a comfortable and peaceful place so that no one comes in between them and their reading space. Books indeed take us away from our homes but they also make each new place a comfortable one. If you are a bookworm like me, you won’t settle for just any other place. Places we choose to flip through the pages have a significant impact on our reading mood because the vibe enhances the pleasure of reading. If you are exploring such places, scroll down for some ‘bookish’ places:

The Beach:

Do you have a beach nearby your home? Why not seize the opportunity for your book reading hobby? It doesn’t matter whether it is summer or winter. Beaches are perfect places to get immersed in your book. How beautiful would it be to get lost in your favorite book while drinking the wild air and the rhythmic waves touching your feet and soul? You don’t always have to go to the beach. A nice beach view from your room is enough, if the beach is crowded or far away yet visible from your place. Romancing with your favorite book in the orange light of the setting sun is a wonderful feeling to experience.


Well, well, well, don’t give me that confused look. Why are cafés not welcoming for books when they can accommodate laptops. Cafes are ideal places for hanging out with friends. But, aren’t books our friends too, considering you are a book worm. For me, they surely are. And, what better place can you find than a café to escape from your family and spend a day with just your book. Well, especially if it’s a rainy day, cafes are perfect places for ‘book dates’ with a flaming latte in one hand. Ain’t that already sound like a romantic date to you?


Parks are perfect for literally anything especially for recreational activities outdoors. You can play, roam, run, and hangout then why not read a book? Find a cosy, calm, and peaceful corner for you and your book and just forget the world already. Stuff your bag with some snacks and a bed spread, if you love to lie down in a park-like me, the world disappears and you only have your book to accompany you. What else do you need?

Fire place:

Curse the tropical climates. I mean, how mean is it to not accommodate romantic weathers? But, if you are blessed with temperate or polar climates, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and plan a day in front of a fire place. Don’t have a built fireplace? Worry not, I have got you covered. Gather some sticks and lit fire in your back yard. Tadaa! You have a fire place to spend some time with your loved one, your favorite book.

Bar or Lounge:

Yes, you heard me right. I said bar. Bars can be quite places to spend some ‘me time’ with your book. Firstly, you get some beer or wine to sip, aaahh heaven isn’t it? Secondly, dude, just kick the stigma. Become a person who carries a book to a bar to sip some red wine. If you ask me, it’s a funny way to unwind especially with some boozy books.


Move back and forth as you gently flip through the pages. Reading on a hammock can be a beautiful experience on a sunny evening in winters. With hammocks, you get a chance to both swing with the time and swing through your book at the same time. If you haven’t tried this yet, do give it a chance and let me know your thoughts on it.

Public transport:

There you go another weird look! By public transport, I mean trains and flights. The experience can be more enriching and soothing especially when you get a window seat. All of us know the pleasure of flipping through the pages, while gazing into the wilds moving back. What a wonderful feel it is! You only live it to experience it. So, stop fantasizing and try it. Although we may not find the situation daily, seizing the occasional opportunities bring the same joy to your heart.


Alright! Who am I kidding? Beds are already favorite places for bookworms. If nothing works and you just feel lazy, the same bed can take you places that you have never visited before. And, you don’t have to end your story abruptly in the middle of the suspense just because you have to leave to home. Endless flippings through the sleepless nights are something we all have experienced without holding any regrets. Then, why not continue the same old lovie dovie relationship, while you cuddle to sleep with your favorite book.

Botanical garden:

Botanical gardens are not as widely spread as parks or cafes. But, for once in a while, they are worth your visits. Take a day off from your annoying lifestyle and spend a day in a botanical garden with your book. I have received this suggestion from a friend and trust me, this is worth it. Even if you are just enduring a rough day, this puts everything into shape. Feeling low, alone, uninspired? A day in between the greenery can not only bring peace to your mind, but it also reinvigorates the lost motivation and you become the same energetic person after stepping out of the garden. And what better can you do in greenery other than reading a book?

Are you wondering that library didn’t crept into the list. Well, that was done deliberately. Libraries are the most common and widely chosen reading spaces. But the aim is not to advise you calm places rather lively and soulful places that your book reading time adds life to your experience. If you have already tried any of them, I would love to hear them. Else, just ‘seas’ the day already with these beautiful reading places.


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