Anirudh Talwar: A tale of lonely love

Anirudh Talwar, is no exception. I just finished reading it and cannot resist but pen down my thoughts on this fantastic author’s take

It is no secret that I have been a huge fan of Anushka’s work for some time now. I have always loved her unique style of writing and the way she weaves together stories in a way that makes me feel as if I am right there, experiencing everything she describes first-hand.

Her latest short novel, Anirudh Talwar, is no exception. I just finished reading it and cannot resist but pen down my thoughts on this fantastic author’s take

To put it in one word, it is a fantastic book, a mix of thriller, mystery, romance, and tragedy that keeps you turning pages until the very end. It is incredibly well-written and the characters are really brought to life. It tells the story of two lovers who are caught up in a tricky situation that is beyond their control.

The characters were compelling and believable. I loved how they interacted with each other—sometimes loving and caring and the other times fighting and leaving. The plot was intense and kept me guessing until the very end!

Anirudh is a handsome and charming CEO. If you are looking for an intelligent and charismatic CEO with a warm smile and a gentle demeanour, he is the man for you, who has a hidden and unseen cruel side that you will only witness in the climax.

You will fall for him, our male protagonist in the story, instantly because he knows the trick how to convince a woman. How to hold them closer in his clasps. How not to let them go. How to incarcerate them in his seemingly adorable but scary love.

And he knows you better than yourself, and it is actually a good thing because he will be there when you need him most. He will be there when you are in need of comfort, reassurance and support. He will be there when you need someone who will listen to all your problems and give you advice on how to tackle them. And he will do all this with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye.

And there is no doubt that this man is going to make an amazing boyfriend or husband for any girl; let alone for someone like Tanya, our female protagonist, who has been longing for true love for so long!

But beware! He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not until the climax do you realize how Anirudh will tear Tanya’s heart apart, leaving her with nothing but bleeding wounds and scars on her soul that cannot be healed with time or tears.

Tanya was a gullible girl, once married but parted ways with her husband. Never did she once experience a man making love to her body. With her failed marriage, it only seems like a distant dream now.

But now, she is back in the world of men and women. She is still as innocent as ever, and she doesn’t have any idea what she is doing with her life. Tanya’s life has been a whirlwind of experiences, and she is not sure if she is ready for what is coming next.

Then one day everything changed: Tanya starts exploring the different angle of Anirudh, the CEO of her organization. He is someone who made her feel like nothing else mattered anymore—someone who made her want more than just living like a lifeless soul: he made her want him!

This man was everything Tanya had ever wanted in life: he was funny and charming and kindhearted—but most importantly he thought that Tanya was beautiful inside and out (and boy did she feel beautiful around him!).

Tanya’s life changed forever with Anirudh. He was a man who loved her, cared for her, and supported her in every way. But little did she know that his love was only until things went his way. What happens when Tanya starts demanding more from their secret relationship? Well, that’s for you to discover.

The author did an amazing job creating characters that were believable and relatable while also making them feel like real people living through real situations in this unique world she created for them. And even though it was sad at times (because let’s face it: what would be more depressing than being alone on Earth and the one you loved treating you like sh*t?), it was also hopeful because we could tell there was still hope for them despite all the odds! Despite the betrayal and pain that Tanya has been subjected to, all that she asks for is TIME. Some time to live with her thoughts. But what entails after is left to the audience’s imagination.

That being said, it is not your typical love story. This one has a twist that I didn’t see coming—and it makes the whole thing feel like something out of a movie rather than just another book about two people falling in love with each other. If this is something that interests you, go grab your copy now.

By Navya D