Book Review: “Myra and the Secret Library”

Myra and the Secret Library is a perfect read for children! Set in the year 2076, the story follows Myra, a thirteen-year-old girl, described as a bibliomaniac, and her discovery of a secret library. Papers, and hence, books are out of use and the world has shifted to all things AI— e-readers, mechanical styluses, and even online schools. Myra discovers a super old paperback book in her father’s room and is instantly in love with everything about it—the feel of worn-out paper, the smell of the old book, and the wooden pencil. When given an opportunity to discover more such books, she jumps headfirst at it. I love how curious Myra was about everything—the books, the library, the bookmarks, and even calligraphy. I also loved how Jeet, Myra’s dad, adored books. The author did a nice job with the setting of the book and her simple language made it a better children’s fiction. This is not the kind of book I often pick up willingly, but I’m glad I gave this one a chance. There were pictures included in the book which further gave it an interesting touch. This book is an example of the perfect gift for my 12-year-old self!

Bhumika Rawat