Book Review: The Fun of being in Start Up

In “The Fun of Being in Start-Up,” penned by Umesh Santoshkumar and Yashoda Rathod, readers are presented with a guide that caters to the burgeoning community of startup enthusiasts, founders, researchers, educators, and mentors. This book follows the startup journey chronologically, offering concise and direct insights. It’s a work that echoes the sentiments of the revered Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who once said, “It’s only when we are faced with failure do we realize that these resources were always there within us.” Inspired by Paul Arden’s “Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite,” the authors translated their startup aspirations into action, resulting in a publication that reflects the blood, sweat, and passion of their journey thus far. “The Fun of Being in Start-Up” is poised to accompany individuals at various stages of their entrepreneurial voyage, making it a promising resource.

In a world where entrepreneurial opportunities in India are abundant and beckoning, the book carries a vital message: India needs entrepreneurs more than ever before. It extends a hand to those who harbor aspirations of doing something new, rare, and innovative, emphasizing that the time to start is now. With free Internet access, funding opportunities, increased freedom, flexibility, and support for businesses, this book underscores the potential for entrepreneurs to make a significant contribution to India’s economy and society. In a rallying cry, it asserts, “INDIA needs YOU, WORLD needs YOU.”

The book offers a fun and brisk reading experience, characterized by a simple writing style that ensures accessibility for a wide audience. However, it is worth noting that “The Fun of Being in Start-Up” relies heavily on well-worn clichés, and the contextual content may not feel particularly fresh to those who have pursued higher education in the field or are well-versed in entrepreneurial theories.

Nonetheless, the book finds its strength in its potential to serve as a source of motivation for young, aspiring entrepreneurs and students who harbor dreams of venturing into the world of startups. It carries an encouraging message and empowers individuals to take their first steps towards entrepreneurship. For this demographic, “The Fun of Being in Start-Up” could be an inspirational guide to begin their entrepreneurial journeys.

In conclusion, Umesh Santoshkumar and Yashoda Rathod’s “The Fun of Being in Start-Up” is a book that offers valuable insights into the world of startups, albeit within the confines of some well-worn tropes. While it may not offer groundbreaking revelations for those already well-acquainted with the subject matter, it serves as an accessible and motivational resource for budding entrepreneurs and students eager to embark on their own startup adventures.a

By Jasmeet Walia