Review: Banged in Bangalore

Review: Banged in Bangalore

Love hits you in the most unpredictable ways and at an unexpected time. Even though the other person loves you silently, you are bound to feel the warmth, love, and affection. That’s the magical power of love. But it is often said that “what comes easy doesn’t stay long.” Seems like it applies to love and relationships.

Very few people experience the pain of eternally waiting for a true love. When you are especially a love-lorn, one deception or wrong person is enough to shatter your trust in the authenticity and genuineness of relationships. Yet, god creates someone to ‘cushion’ you from bad experiences. Or at least in the end, you are bound to receive the love that you have always yearned for and deserve.

Saryu Sharma, the protagonist of Banged in Bangalore, is a countryside girl stepping into the hustle and bustle of Bangalore for the first time with big dreams and aspirations. Although the first person she meets in Bangalore is the love of her life, little does this innocent town girl recognize and realize the love that came her way.

Manav, the male protagonist, is a serious and scarily strict manager of Ms Saryu. Even though these both are meant to fall in love, destiny chose an impertinent way of crossing their paths. Saryu gets to experience an unpleasant welcome into the new city of her dreams as Manav rushes her all the way through her journey to the new office.

Right from the first interaction, the two soon gonnabe lovers, didn’t have their terms right. Never do they seem attracted to each other but Manav’s lenience towards and soft corner for Saryu, melts your heart because rarely do this rough-on-the-surface manager cares for someone but he does for Saryu. Not realizing this strict manager’s shyness and inability to open up to her, Saryu falls for Arnab, the CEO of her company.

Arnab is handsome, hot, humorous, and all of what Manav is not. How could Saryu not fall for him? He is rich, cares for her, makes her feel comfortable, and throws a lavish party for her on her birthday. Who expects the sweet, extroverted, and friendly CEO Arnab to be a maniac? Neither did Saryu. But by the time she does, Manav ends up behind the bars and Saryu goes into complete control of Arnab to save Manav.

Does she save Manav in the end? Does Arnab face his karma? Will Saryu and Manav ever get a chance to open upto one another? The answers to all your questions are in “Banged for Bangalore.”

I have been an ardent reader of Anushka’s books and I appreciate the shocking and path-changing twists in all her stories. The beauty of Anushka’s stories lies in the narration style. All her stories start with either a shocking opening scene or a twist right in the beginning that grips you till the end.

Coming to Banged in Bangalore, the love story between a town girl and an ambitious city guy never fails to intrigue the readers. But, it ain’t that routine lovestory, which is all about misunderstandings, breaking up, and getting back together again. “Banged in Bangalore” is not just a love story. Family drama, love, friendship, and adult romance are all a part of this emotion-packed short novel.

So, don’t you wanna know if Saryu and Manav end up together? Or Is Banged in Bangalore a trend-breaking book that gives a peculiar and unexpected ending? Go buy the book and find out for yourself.  

By Navya D