The top 5 speculated fiction trends of 2022

By Pranjali Wakde

Life is unpredictable – but fortunately, fiction trends can be speculated! If there is any sphere of our lives that got the most attention, it has to be reading and books. A big chunk of the population resorted to reading books – especially fiction – as a way to escape the horrors of the world. There was, as a result, a noticeable difference in the way people perused the books, giving birth to trends!

Fiction trends are by far the most interesting ones and it is just as exciting to predict which trends would be dominating the year 2022. There are five trends that we feel would be most seen, or rather, drift here from the last year, definitely here to stay!

  1. Book recommendations from TikTok & Instagram Reel:

Let’s face it, TikToks and Reels have been taking the entire world by storm – and their craze would never die down! It is a known fact that whichever song is picked up by TikTok or Instagram reel, it becomes an instant hit. And lately, it is the same with books. Such videos – made by the influencers – make people notice the books and their authors. They usually showcase different fiction novels, made even more appealing by inviting aesthetics and catchy summaries. It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover and They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera are some perfect examples of this phenomenon. And now, we can’t wait to see what 2022 book recommendations are!

  1. Increased use of Audiobooks:

Audiobooks have been climbing the popularity ladder very quickly these days. And why won’t thy? Audiobooks are not only convenient to access and use but also help you to save time and energy. They are especially loved by those who don’t like reading in the first place – but still want to try that activity. According to a study conducted by the Audiobook Publishers Association and Edison Research, more than 70% of people who prefer audiobooks find it relaxing. To sum it up, audiobooks are peaceful, time-saving, engaging – well, who won’t be eager to hop on that? Their craze might have increased during the lockdown, but it’s obvious that audiobooks are here to stay.

  1. The rise in Independent publishing:

Nowadays, not many authors – budding and established – prefer the self-publishing route rather than going to the publishing companies. There is much more freedom in the first approach, where the authors get to control every aspect of how their books would be put in front of their readers. This was even more fueled by the digital companies – such as Kindle Direct Publishing – offering this exact same service since eBooks and Audiobooks are slightly more in demand than paperbacks. Not only is it practical, considering the global situation, but also easy-to-access, for authors and readers alike. We are pretty sure there would be even more amazing books published this year, thanks to this enticing idea of independent publishing!

  1. Theme – Pandemic:

Lockdown Literature wasn’t even a thing two years ago. But now, everywhere we see is glimpses of such fiction! The theme of pandemic – characterized by factors of social changes, health concerns, isolation and overall anxiety – has been recurrent in many entertainment outlets, including books as well. Whatever they are reading, readers still try to find some piece of reality to connect with the book. And that is why this trend gained so much traction – the readers related to the content presented in these works. It can be, therefore, safely assumed that this theme would easily carry over in this year – it is here to stay as long as COVID-19 sticks around!

  1. Genre – Escapist Fiction:

Escapist fiction is a really broad genre, encompassing different types of books. The underlying factor in such books, however, is the same – all of them provides a psychological escape from reality. Admittedly, every book does the same thing, but these go up a level to offer you some out-of-the-world experience. Since our surroundings are especially depressing, readers – and non-readers alike – have been trying to find their solace in escapist fiction books. It is now easy to see how the genre got picked up in these times. This trend is speculated to be carried into 2022 as well. And as far as predictions go, this genre will be around till the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These fiction trends, and many others, would either be confirmed or denied with how the people will consume the literature in 2022! The bottom-line still remains though, that even though the trends change year after year, people will always find a way back to literature!

By Pranjali Wakde