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It’s clearly visible why romance is a popular genre among book lovers. A beautiful romance novel contains drama, intrigue, jokes, and, if you’re lucky, a little sizzle; and the finest romance novels may feel like finding love – personal and intimate, yet vast and life-changing all at the same time.

From historical royal romanticism to modern novels about love in the internet age, we’ve curated a list of our greatest romance novels. So, if you’re looking for the next rom-com bestseller before it hits Netflix, or simply want to immerse yourself in classic romantic cliches, I’ve got you covered!

Historical Romance Novels

Historical romance novels are love-themed novels with a narrative that supposedly took place before 1950. Of course, it can be contemporary or periodical. Ahh, I just love the feel of periodicals but more on my interests later. Because today is all about historical romance novels

So, what’s the good news? First of all, historical romance is diverse and inclusive. It has something for every reader. So, consider yourself lucky because we have the best historical romances in store for you today.

The majority of the best-selling books in the romance category are historical romance novels. This book list (some of these are my favourites) introduces you to the charm of historical romance novels. If you are stuck and can’t decide where to start, these suggestions will leave you mesmerized.


5 Best Historical Romance Novels



 The connection between Phoebe and Nick is undeniable, the historical facts are fascinating, and the biggest concern is moral rather than tactical, which is my ideal type of conflict!

Sweet Disorder eBook by Rose Lerner


The Synopsis

Phoebe Sparks, the widow of a prickly newspaperman, has vowed to never remarry. Sadly, the election in Lively St. Lemeston is a closely contested one, and the charter of the small town grants Phoebe the right to register her spouse as a voter if she had one.

The Honorable Nicholas Dymond has sworn to stay away from his family’s aristocratic politics at all costs. His limb and his self-confidence were both damaged in the conflict, thus his army career has now ended for good. Possibly, assisting his younger brother in winning an election is his goal now.

So, Nick flees to the countryside to marry the sad widow, Phoebe. From the minute she shuts the door on his face, he’s captivated by this widow’s beauty.

No matter how attractive the handsome earl’s son is, Phoebe is firm on her decision. When her younger sister suffers a tragedy, she is forced to rethink selling her vote—and her hand—to the winning bidder.

As the election heats up, Phoebe and Nick are forced to confront their deepest desires, forcing them to rethink their priorities and choices



This novel is a subtle and thought-provoking take on the ‘marriage of convenience.’ Neither of them wants to marry, but they are attracted to each other, and their attraction quickly develops into a blazing, passionate love.


Accidentally Compromising the Duke by Stacy Reid

The Synopsis

The year is 1817 in England. Miss Adeline Hays is at a loss on what to do. In order to avoid her marriage to a repulsive earl, Adeline goes on to find a much more perfect and gentle choice for her marriage. Adeline reaches the wrong chamber by accident, while she is at her friend’s party, and ends up in the crazed duke’s bed.

The Duke of Wolverton, Edmond Rochester, is looking for a wife to look after his two daughters. A young lady with sensitivities, accomplishment, and, most crucially, the one to whom he is not attracted—the polar antithesis of the seductive beauty who seduces him into marriage. Despite his feelings for his new duchess, Edmond is adamant about never allowing them to be intimate, as he doesn’t want to endure the agony of losing a loved one again.



 I read this novel a long time ago, so I have a vague idea of the facts, but I recall the magnetic draw of this great novel. Also, Wulfric enjoys looking people in the eyes through his monocle, and it was nice to cheer for a character like that and watch him soften.


Slightly Dangerous: Number 8 in series (Bedwyn Series) : Balogh, Mary: Books

The Synopsis

The presence of Wulfric Bedwyn, the introverted, cold-as-ice Duke of Bewcastle, at the season’s most glitzy social event has everyone in London buzzing. There are rumours about a disastrous love affair. Others claim he is so distant with and uninterested in women that not even Monalisa could catch his interest. On this lovely afternoon, though, one woman caught the duke’s attention and she was the only woman in the room who wasn’t even trying. Christine Derrick is captivated by the dashing duke, who turns out to be his love when he asks her to be his mistress.

What red-blooded woman wouldn’t relish a night in bed with a consummate lover, with no strings attached and no questions asked? Christine, an irritating lady with firm opinions on men, ethics, and marriage, perplexes Wulfric at every stage. Even as the Bedwyn clan’s lone wolf pledges to seduce her in any way he can, something unusual and lovely happens. Nothing less than love can suffice for a guy who thought he’d never lose his heart.

Mary Balogh once again puts together two opposites: an alluring, high-and-mighty aristocrat and the impetuous, pleasure-loving woman who teaches him what true romance is really all about, with her characteristic wit, gripping storytelling, and hot sexual sparks. A man and a woman who are so unsuitable for one other can only result in the match made in heaven.



This is a story about love that deals with painful separation, a lifetime of status differences, and a fictitious identity. There’s also a powerful heroine, a compassionate alpha-hero, and plenty of action. The one limitation to this story is that it is a shuttered romance, so there will be no more physical contact than a few kisses.


Buy Gentleman Jim: A Tale of Romance and Revenge Book Online at Low Prices in India | Gentleman Jim: A Tale of Romance and Revenge Reviews & Ratings -

The Synopsis

She was unable to forget…

Margaret Honeywell, the daughter of a wealthy squire, was destined to marry her neighbour Frederick Burton-Smythe, although she has her heart set on bastard-born Nicholas Seaton. Nicholas is the son of legendary highwayman Gentleman Jim, and he was raised alongside her on her father’s farm. Nicholas flees into the night after Fred accuses him of stealing, intending to find his legendary father. However, Nicholas does not return. He’s been considered dead for over a decade.

He wouldn’t forgive…

John Beresford, Viscount St. Clare, has returned to England after years on the continent. He’s tall, blond, and lethal, and he’s out to reclaim his family’s honour. So much the better if he can exact some vengeance along the way. He hasn’t factored in Maggie Honeywell, however. She’s fearless and stunning, and she’s convinced he’s someone else.

St. Clare is caught between affection and revenge as danger approaches. Will he choose between the two? Or will he figure a way to have them both with a little fortune and a lot of courage?



From the prologue, in which we see Sebastian writing in the middle of the night, I was fascinated. He’s one of those bumbling heroes who are hell-bent on being clever rather than having people glance at him. For me, he was the star of the show!

Ten Things I Love About You (Bevelstoke, #3) by Julia Quinn

The Synopsis

This book has ten things you must know

  1. Sebastian Grey is a dangerously attractive renegade with a dark secret.
  2. Annabel Winslow was named The Winslow Most Likely to Voice Her Opinion and The Winslow Most Prone to Falling Asleep in Church.
  3. Sebastian’s uncle, the Earl of Newbury, is Sebastian’s successor if he dies without having a child.
  4. Lord Newbury despises Sebastian and will go to any length to stop him from becoming a successor.
  5. Lord Newbury has concluded that Annabel is the solution to all of his issues.
  6. Annabel is obstinate about not marrying Lord Newbury, especially after learning that he formerly dated her grandmother.
  7.  It is startling,
  8. It is delectable, and
  9. It is simply devilish
  10. It is Intriguing till the end

By Shivani Naidu

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