How book reading sessions enrich your relationship with books and authors?

By Navya D.

It’s 2021 and I see kindle books and Ipads everywhere. Reading habits have changed a lot. Not long ago, I used to visit library on every weekend and attend book reading sessions whenever I get to know about one. The rapid technological growth has changed a lot of things about books and reading, right from how we read and what we read to how we like to associate ourselves with the habit of book reading. Book reading sessions are equally impacted with ‘modernization’ process and the situation has been drastically affected with the pandemic.  

Book reading sessions are no less than a sweet bed-time story. My mother used to read me a book to sleep every day but little did I recognize it to be a book reading session. The intent of the story teller pretty much sounds the same to me in either case. Because, the story teller is challenged to engross us in their narration. The tradition still continues but I don’t see the ‘literary get-togethers’ not as often as I would love to attend them.

However, book lovers are always excited to hear their favorite story from their favorite author’s tone. Realizing the fact, authors are increasingly taking the shift towards book reading sessions to engage their readers, although virtually at this point of time. The physical lockdown has given us the privilege to attend such sessions right from the comfort of our sofa. The virtual book reading sessions had made me realize how cursed was I to miss these amazing story times. If you haven’t realized the major-missing yet, let me explain you why book reading sessions are significant especially in these ‘modern’ times:

  • Direct connection with the author:

We all connect with our favorite authors so much that we fill our libraries with all their works. Yet, the connection may not be well-established due to the gap. As readers, we are always ears for our favorite narrators. But, what discourages a reader from a live narration experience? Isn’t it exciting to see your author narrate the story in live, interact with you, and share their perspectives with you?

It is a great pleasure to get to know more about our favorite author. Book reading sessions are a great opportunity to interact and discuss with your author. Besides story narration, authors provide a glimpse into the ‘making’ of their book. Be it fiction or non-fiction, it is interesting to know what inspired your author to pen the story in the first place.

Until and unless the author is shy or uncomfortable, book reading sessions are a great medium to connect both readers and authors. While the author gets to know the live responses of their readers, the readers get a glimpse of the author’s thinking process and their life.

  • Marketing tactic?

Although book reading sessions have originated as a kind of marketing tactic, they are much more than just commercial interest of the publishers and authors. The joy of experiencing live narrations and interacting with authors cannot be restricted to establishing a relationship.

We are so much accustomed to our own reading styles that sometimes the author’s intonation and modulation gets misconveyed. Thus, live reading helps the reader understand the original context and the intention of the author in his own words.

Especially at a time when opinions and statements are increasingly taken out of context, book reading sessions improves the literary value and enhances the experience of the reader.

  • Reader to reader relationship:

All the commercial interests aside, you get to meet your ‘literary taste dopplerganger.’ Not only do you get a chance to experience the words blooming to life, you get to meet your ‘bookish’ friend. Besides getting to know your author and interacting with him, you find a place to socialize with people who share similar interests as you.

The connection you establish with your counterparts stay stronger more than that you establish on Facebook or Instagram. And, it is easy to find so many peers at a single place than finding one in the ocean of social media.

  • Improves your habit:

The more you engage in activities that are associated with your habits, the more you develop interest towards it. Reading books is absolutely essential for psychological evolution, digital detoxification, and cognitive growth. There are many book enthusiasts struggling to keep up with their habit because of so many distractions in this digital world.

Your reading habit doesn’t necessarily have to be an hour a day. Diverse activities like book reading sessions and interacting with your peers can also add so much value to your efforts.

You can find interested people and form book clubs, exchange books and book recommendations, discuss books and authors, and form a virtual club too to challenge yourselves to read a book or two in a month or less. Isn’t it a good opportunity to work on your habit? And, book reading sessions can make all these possible.

A cordial relationship develops between the author and the reader that helps the readers understand and interpret the author well in the future. Libraries and bookstores are becoming a ‘sight of past.’ Book reading sessions are like ‘literary festivals’ that connect all book readers at a single place. They not only drive sales; rather encourage readers to take part in more such literary activities and revive the ‘literary culture’ that once thrived, not the kindle book reading though.

Only book lovers know the ultimate joy of meeting people with similar literary tastes. Sitting in front of the person and getting to hear the narration from the author himself/herself is no less than a dream. And, what else gives you the extraordinary opportunity other than book reading sessions? No matter if you are a 90s kid or a Genz, you will definitely love the ‘literary gathering.’ If you haven’t experienced the joy yet, well it is time to now. If you have already attended one, share your experience with us in the comments below.

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