Why is Science fiction popular in today’s world?

Science fiction

It’s easy to wonder, in a world that’s becoming more fanciful and science fiction by the day, what’s the point of science fiction or fantasy? After all, we now have technology in our pockets and homes that well exceed the projections of earlier sci-fi, many of us actually own magic mirrors and weather oracles. However, many of us continue to write and enjoy science fiction and fantasy. Why?

In this article, we’re going to have a look at why and how science fiction has taken over people’s attention over a period of time.

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Science Fiction – A World of Imagination

Science fiction and fantasy both broaden our horizons and plant the seeds of significant progress. Science fiction prepares us to travel to the moon or Mars. Science fiction instils in its writers and readers a desire for pocket communicators, for slabs of glass that grab all the books ever printed; fantasy instils in its readers and viewers a desire for devices that simply work, for a home that responds to our commands as if animated by djinni servants. And both science fiction and fantasy have indeed inspired technical marvels ranging from human successes like the moonshot to far more unsettling stuff like Palantir.

What is the purpose of reading science fiction stories?

Reading science fiction allows us to consider how humans interact with one another, with technology, and with our environment. A good science fiction work proposes one vision of the future, among numerous possibilities, that is grounded in reality. Science fiction pushes us to contemplate the complicated ways our choices and interactions contribute to the future by connecting the present and the future. Every day, we make collective and individual decisions that shape our future – the occupations we select, the ideas we spread, and the ways we educate one another. Science fiction allows us to analyze the futures we desire and those we don’t, and how our actions affect one or the other.

Science fiction is also read with a goal in mind. Its audience wants to accomplish something, although our motivations may be more opaque than the authors’. What motivates us to read science fiction? For some, the instant response is escapism: entering amazing worlds that are more exciting than dull reality. But that’s a naive explanation that doesn’t explain why we’re drawn to science fiction, which, while speculative, frequently refers to realism and gives a considered perspective on the future – often one informed by scientific and technical truth. Science fiction’s allure is more sophisticated than a yearning to escape the commonplace.

Why is science fiction popular?

Science fiction frequently transforms true scientific hypotheses into full-fledged stories about what is feasible and/or imaginable. Many stories employ scientific facts and realities to:

  • Suggest what might happen in the future
  • To investigate what may happen if particular events or situations occurred or
  • Suggest the implications of technology and scientific advances and innovation

It has historically been a popular form for both authors, readers, and also scientists. Science fiction has grown to be a massive genre in the last 150 years, with a particularly strong presence in film and television—in fact, the TV network “SciFi” is entirely dedicated to science fiction media. Because of its connection to reality, it is a highly exciting and mind-bending genre for audiences.

Reasons why one should read sci-fi Novels


If you’re having a bad day, reading science fiction is the best way to forget about it. It will transport you away from your concerns and into a completely different universe. One of the benefits of reading science fiction novels is that it is a healthy approach to dealing with stress. Reading will calm you down as long as you locate the proper story. Books are a doorway into another universe that you can enter whenever you want.


Many science fiction novels depict a world that could be our future. Robots will take control of humanity if we continue to rely on technology. We will live in a world devoid of natural resources if we continue to disrespect the environment. Utopian stories educate us on what we should do, whilst dystopian novels tell us what we should not do. Most science fiction stories have a powerful message about how we live.


Sci-fi novels differ from other genres in that they introduce fresh characters, settings, and innovations. Instead of reading about something you’ve already heard a thousand times, sci-fi incorporates new aspects to keep things interesting. Some things are so far out that you have to suspend your disbelief. It’s good to have a vibrant imagination, and science fiction can help you keep it alive. So why not pick up a book and get started?


The journeys that sci-fi novels take you on are frequently thrilling and fascinating. If your life is becoming too monotonous, reading is the solution. It will transport you to the adventures of the heroes. You can visit the world without leaving your bed or squandering your entire wage. What could possibly be better than that?


Some of the most terrifying things in science fiction are things that are not possible in our modern society. People enjoy being afraid when reading, but they don’t want the fear to follow them into real life. It is simpler to detach the tale from reality when reading about a world so dissimilar from ours. You don’t have to spend the night fearing that the monsters from the novel will attack you. The terror is contained within the pages.


It is natural for people to speculate about the future and what may have happened if we had run society differently in the past. These novels delve into those concepts. It shows you what life would’ve been and could be like if we acted differently. People claim to want a zombie apocalypse, but this is not the case. They simply enjoy reading about it and imagining how the world would react if it actually happened.


You should read whatever you want because you enjoy it. You don’t want to squander your leisure time. You want to spend it doing something you’re going to like. If you enjoy reading science fiction novels, there is no need for another motivation to do so. Do whatever brings you the most joy!

Wrapping Up!

Finally, science fiction is a genre of possibility, imagination, and creativity, and its appeal grows in tandem with breakthroughs in science and technology. Its authors employ genuine science to create fictional stories that explore mankind’s and the universe’s probable future in a way that is both exciting and realistic.

By Shivani Naidu

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